Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fall is Slowly Falling...

                                         Poolside at the Cabana and apparently a new friend :)

                                     In the MASSIVE Red Sox Team Store in Boston with Alexis.

                           At Hamada's in Vegas with Kyle, Jeff, Me and Jeremy...nummy nummy

At the Aria Sports Book

Summer has slowly started to disappear and the cool fall mornings have started to begin. Thankfully for us, this happened the day after we had a concert at The Gorge to see Jack Johnson on October 2nd.
Our summer was absolutley crazy busy, but I must say, it was an eventful, amazing one. One that the four of us will never forget. Starting in May, our weekends were booked through October. A wine tour, a wedding, a yard sale, and then off to Williams' Lake for a three day weekend filled our May weekends. In June, my brother graduated high school, along with my cousin, Morgan, my Dad turned 50, and we had The Dimond Family Reunion. We camped at Charbonneau for the 4th of July, our nephew, Taylor got married, we went to Camano Island with some of our terrific friends, Jeff and Alexis, had a wild weekend for boat races (as expected) and to finish July, we went to Seattle with my Dad and Stepmom for the U.S. Senior Men's Golf Tournament (the boys went, us girls and the kids shopped and swam). Then starting in August, Dylan had her 7th birthday party, my girlfriend, Amy turned 30 and we had a pool party, we went on a crazy exciting trip to Boston that Jeff and Alexis took us on, and Jeff's 30th birthday party. September came so fast and we took a family trip to Seattle to watch a Mariner's game, we had a small in town celebration for Jeremy turning the BIG 3-0, then we were off to VEGAS! When we got home from our amazing trip to Vegas, Dreyson turned 3! We are celebrating his birthday at the Rollarena this coming Saturday, October 9th. This was just an outline of our excursions that were taken over the summer. We created many memories with some great people. Now that fall is approaching, we are very excited to take advantage of the football season and just chill. We hope everyone had a wonderful summer.


  1. Ummm...I'm freaking exhausted from reading that! What a fun summer it was huh?! I'm so glad that we got to experience Boston for the first time with you guys. We will all be going again for sure!

  2. Alexis I'm exhausted too...man you guys were busy. I can't wait to see the pictures you post. :)

  3. Alexis, we are so very happy that we got to experience Boston with you guys! We are so lucky to have you both in our lives! :) Thank you so much for bringing us! I can't wait to go back!
    April, we're almost as busy as you. ;)